Going Dutch: The Art Of Cooking In A Dutch Oven

About Dutch Ovens Dutch Ovens originated in Holland as Iron Pots cast in a dry sand mold. In the early 1700s, an Englishman named Abraham Darby traveled to Holland to inspect the manufacturing process. He returned to England and improved the process with better molds and sold many Dutch Ovens to the American Colonies. It […]

Exhaustive List of Survival Medical Supplies

We found this awesome list of survival medical supplies over at Doom and Bloom, and we have to give credit where credit is due, this is one of the most inclusive and exhaustive lists of medical supplies one would need for most any survival situation. In fact, it’s more likely than not if you were to […]

3 Common Prepper Mistakes

Are you prepared? So you have this prepping thing down, right? You have plenty of supplies to weather any contingency and there isn’t much left that you haven’t purchased or thought of. You and your family have every base covered, every T crossed and your stuff doesn’t stink. Congratulations! Now, you have joined an elite […]

How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener

No Can Opener? No Problem! The SHTF and you’ve come across a couple of canned goods while scavenging. Great news, right? The only thing lying between you and sustenance is a thin layer of metal… and you don’t have a can opener. As preppers it may be hard to imagine being caught off guard in […]