How To Prep On A Budget

Budget Prepping Series

In this series, we will be addressing how to prep on a budget. We will address each subsection of prepping and what preps are budget-friendly. The list below will be linked to the respective article once it has been uploaded.

  1. Prepping on a Budget – Education
  2. Prepping on a Budget – Food Storage
  3. Prepping on a Budget – Water
  4. Prepping on a Budget – Tools
  5. Prepping on a Budget – Shelter
  6. Prepping on a Budget – First Aid
  7. Prepping on a Budget – Weaponry

How to Begin Prepping on a Budget

When you first begin prepping for yourself and your family, it is natural to feel as though you need everything at once. Many people find themselves becoming frustrated when they cannot amass everything in their prep plan, which leads to them giving up. While we would all be able to prep rapidly in an ideal world, our finances have to be directed elsewhere on a daily basis. Still, knowing how to prep on a budget is easy when you take the right steps.

Know Thy Budget

If you don’t know your current financial status, you can’t allocate a consistent part of your household budget to prepping. Sit down and figure out your incoming and outgoing figures, then determine where you can make savings, and then allocate part of your budget to prepping. Making savings may seem impossible at first, but you can try the following to get you started:

  • Make simple switches. For example, rather than purchasing ice cream one week, stock up on rice and beans.
  • Start cutting coupons. Many coupon-cutting extremists out there successfully stockpile non-perishable items, and they are not even preppers! By mimicking their habits, you can significantly boost your supplies.
  • Change your lifestyle habits. For example, start using gasless and walking more. You can then allocate your savings to your prep budget.

Take Inventory of What You Already Have

The chances are (especially if you are new to prepping) you have plenty of supplies lying around your home already. This can include tinned goods, blankets, tools, and first aid kits. Make an inventory of these items and use it as a starting point.

Understand Small Contributions are Better than None

When you first start learning how to prep on a budget, your contributions may seem measly. However, after a few weeks, you will be surprised at just how much you have accomplished. As long as you are making a regular contribution, you are prepping on a budget successfully.

Shopping Wisely Beats Shopping Impulsively

Prepping has become quite a phenomenon in recent years. As such, there are marketers who target preppers claiming that their products are ‘the best’ or ‘essential’. Whether or not a product is essential for you and your family depends on your personal circumstances. Rather than aiming for the first product or deal you see, begin shopping around to see what else is out there. Don’t be afraid to buy certain products secondhand—like flashlights—and spend a little time waiting for sales before buying something.

Dedicate Time to Learning as Well in addition to Supplies

You can have all the supplies in the world, but if you don’t have the right knowledge to use them you may as well have not bought them in the first place. If you have some weeks when you do not have any money to put towards your prepping budget, consider learning some skills instead. The Internet is awash with information, which you can make the most of for free. By learning basic survival skills, you will make your existing supplies go further. Learning more also allows you to identify areas you need to prioritize in.

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  1. Bryant says:

    If you have around $200 available and are of age, I’d highly recommend looking into a survival rifle or cheap pistol. Besides that, get a backpack and start a bug-out bag. that’s one of the smaller and easier preps to start with

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