CRKT Eat’N Tool XL

$14.99 $13.99

The Eat’N Tool® XL offers a larger spoon, and longer handle surface to grab hold of. Use it as a spoon, or fork, to prepare and/or eat your favorite “on the trail” meal.

Other handy tools include a box wrench, driver/pry tool, can opener and bottle opener. It also comes with a carabiner* to make carry simple and accessible. Available in bead blast grey or black powder coat finish.

For the trail, camper or cabin, the Eat’N Tool XL makes eating easy, and maybe even just a little bit fun.

  • Bottle Cap Opener
  • Carabiner (non-weight bearing)
  • Flat Blade Driver
  • .028″ -.050″ Hex Wrenches
  • Can Opener
CRKT Eat’N Tool XL