Cold Steel Leatherneck SF

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The word ‘Leatherneck’ has become synonymous with the famous U.S. Marines since 1776 when Congress compelled all Marines to wear a thick, high leather collar (known in the vernacular of the day as a “stock”). This collar served two purposes; first, it helped protect one’s neck from sword and cutlass blows, and second, it forced a Marine to keep his head up straight, exhibiting the military posture that was fashionable at the time.

  • Name:  Leatherneck-SF
  • Blade Length:  6 3/4″
  • Overall Length:  11 3/4″
  • Steel:  German 4116 Stainless
  • Weight:  12.3 oz
  • Blade Thickness:  4.75 mm
  • Handle:  5″ Long Grivory & Kray-Ex™
  • Sheath:  Secure-Ex® Sheath
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